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Lima, Ohio

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As I was beginning our group you took time, provided resources , and more importantly provided encouragement.  I squarely believe if I had not encountered individuals, such as yourself, and been provided with such encouragement early on I would have quit.  So in part, you are responsible for our group's success as well as seeing that Ohio Senate Bill 52 was passed.

As you are fully aware, I have received many of the e-mails you forward to me from people looking for assistance in opposing renewable energy projects in their community.  I have done my best to at least respond to each individual you have put us in contact with.


What I haven't done yet is to thank you for your efforts.  Of all the opposition groups in NW Ohio, or throughout Ohio, I believe we are beginning to make an impact on seeing that such renewable energy projects, if constructed, are done so in a more responsible manner.  I, and our group, worked diligently in lobbying state legislators in getting Ohio Senate Bill 52 passed this summer (will become law on 10/11/21).  This law returns some local control back to county governments, gives local lawmakers a seat on the voting board, and strengthens decommissioning requirements.





Jim Thompson

Against Birch Solar, LLC

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Help us protect agricultural-forestry zoned land

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