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Responsible Solar

Citizens for Responsible Solar advocates for the proper siting of utility-scale solar plants on industrial-zoned land, marginal or contaminated land, along highways, and on commercial and residential rooftops.  Utility-scale solar does not belong on agricultural land.  These are power plants.  The industrialization of farmland and timberland is not green.


French parking lots could soon generate as much electricity as 10 nuclear power plants, after a law is expected to win final passage on Tuesday requiring canopies of solar panels to be built atop all substantial lots in the country...Read full article.


There are plenty of places where solar energy could be developed without triggering conflicts with natural resources or concerns about rural landscapes. Rooftops and parking lots combined could, in theory, meet nearly 80 percent of the nation’s electricity needs, according to the Department of Energy. But absent incentives, such sites are generally more expensive to develop than forest or farmland...Read full article.


Massachusetts-based Ko-Solar wants to put solar panels in places no one really notices, like on industrial building roofs, in parking lots, and sound barriers on highways. It may finally get its chance, in the Boston area. And that will be a US first...Read full article.


Big-box stores and shopping centers have enough roof space to produce half of their annual electricity needs from solar, according to a report from nonprofit Environment America and research firm Frontier Group...Read full article..


Australia will be the first to be equipped with a 'solar facade' that will help it generate more power than it needs, New Atlas Report...Read full article.

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When up and running, the panels at Polaris, coupled with the solar panels Chase previously installed on the roof, will meet 75% of the electricity needs at the McCoy Center, which is said to be the largest single-user office building in the U.S. after the Pentagon...Read full article.

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Most American cities’ surfaces are 35-50% composed of pavement, and 40% of that pavement is parking lots. What a great use of solar and space! Read full article.

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An airport in Tennessee is now generating enough renewable energy to meet all its energy needs - a model that could be replicated by other airports...Read full article.


In mid-June 2019, the southeastern Virginia parish flipped the switch on a 142-kilowatt solar energy system that will generate 100% of the parish's energy use from the sun.Read full article.

Help us protect agricultural-forestry zoned land

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