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Gloucester, Virginia

Through your kind encouragement and resource materials, I am pleased to report that we are having the current Zoning Ordinance modified to prevent Utility-Scale Plants from being placed on any Conservation Zoned sites which includes most of our farmlands, Historic Properties, and Coastal regions (“Responsible Solar” !). We so much appreciate your support and emailed articles and we owe you our sincere thanks for all that you have done for us.

It’s been a year long battle with Tri-Global Electric out of Texas to stop their initiative to place a 1,000 acre Utility-Scale Power Plant on the historic Thompson Farm and behind the Abingdon Episcopal Church c.1652...Continue reading testimonial.

Mt. Joy Township (Gettysburg), PA

On December of 2019, our family had just returned from a Florida vacation to find an urgent note from a Historic Bed and Breakfast owner/neighbor, only to discover that NextEra Energy, LLC from Juno Beach, Florida was orchestrating a 1,000 acre industrial solar powerplant in Gettysburg, PA.  Despite being township residents for 10 years, my family and neighbors had no idea of this pending monstrosity that had been in the works, since 2016.  After reviewing the large-scale application that would surround 168 adjacent properties across 10 different roads with a 20.6 mile radius, my wife discovered an online article from Susan Ralston, while we were driving home from dinner.  Desperate for some guidance, reassurance, and direction, we reached out to Ms. Ralston on a Saturday night and were elated when she responded back within a few minutes with a follow-up phone call the following Monday.  

Ralston’s grassroots organization, Citizens for Responsible Solar quickly provided a wealth of knowledgeable resources and essential connections to the VA Piedmont Environmental Group, NC State Professor Dr. Herb Eckerlin, and Physicist John Droz, the Executive Director of the Alliance for Wise Energy...Continue reading testimonial.

Edgefield County, South Carolina

I am pleased that in Edgefield County, we appear to be on the verge of enacting a comprehensive solar ordinance based thanks to your resources and in reviewing the work done in Madison and Page County...Continue reading testimonial.

Wapakoneta, Ohio

I just wanted to say thank you for sharing all the information on industrial scale solar to all the people who have contacted you. My husband and I had the pleasure of speaking to you on the subject sometime ago...Continue reading testimonial.

Clark County, Kentucky

Thank you for all your help. The information you shared with us and your advice have been crucial to this victory.  


"It took many months but hard work and perseverance led to this unanimous vote to deny a solar ordinance that would have paved the way to the destruction of almost 5,000 acres of agricultural land in KY.  A moratorium is now in place until the issue can be addressed in the Comprehensive Plan at the local level."...Continue reading testimonial.



Thank you for compiling all the information on the website! It’s valuable and extremely helpful for those that don’t have the time to research, especially when there is little notice on projects.

I have been taking in as much as I can from the website. There is some great information there! Just finished reading the study done by URI on home value decline due to solar...Continue reading testimonial.

Gloucester County,

New Jersey

I would like to send a big THANK YOU to Citizens for Responsible Solar for sharing your invaluable information and being a wonderful resource.  There is a utility scale solar project which was proposed via a Conditional Use Permit in a very residential area, affecting our home as well as quite a few others.  With the information shared by Citizens for Responsible Solar, myself and other neighbors voiced our concerns to the Planning Commission during the public meetings and contacted our Board of Supervisors...Continue reading testimonial.

Louisa County, Virginia

Many thanks for your appearance and advice on Friday.  CRS are lucky to have you.  Truly!

The documents you offered to send would be welcome:  letter from lawyer and the rest...Continue reading testimonial.

Harmony, New York

Your information you have sent us has helped us in our fight.  Thank you for what you do. 

We are fighting a 600 massive solar utility facility.  This Dakota Solar Company, a company who is privately owned my members.  Other farmers around these 600 acres continue to be approached, so I foresee hundreds more acres being lost to solar.  Especially since this is all being pushed by our township committee and land use board, and government in the name of GREEN...Continue reading testimonial.

Lisbon, Maine

Thank you for your response. With help from my neighbors we were able to convince our town councilors to vote on an Emergency moratorium, until they can figure out how to control this issue.

Help us protect agricultural-forestry zoned land

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