The messages below are from citizens from all across the USA, who have reached out to us for help. Solar developers are taking advantage of rural communities, who want to protect the environment, farm and timber land, and their way of life. We never release the names of these individuals in order to protect their privacy.

Goldendale, Washington State


My husband and I live in Goldendale WA and have just recently had it confirmed that there is going to be a large scale solar farm next to our retirement property. We are surrounded by beautiful farmland and our neighbors and us are just devastated by this proposed site that could cover hundreds if not thousands of acres. How do we stop it if it is even possible? Thank you. Concerned Citizen

Fairfield, Utah


I’m a citizen of Fairfield, UT. We’re a small town of approx 150 people, that sits next to Eagle Mountain, one of Utah’s largest growing cities just south of Salt Lake City.


We have a small (untrained and unsophisticated) government with very little experience with the business world at large. Next Era Energy has submitted a multi-phase Utility scale solar project (approx 3,250 acres in Fairfield- and an additional 10,000+ acres in adjoining land) wanting to lease LDS Church Farm land - obviously zoned agricultural, for the next 40 years. Other “unaffiliated” solar groups have also submitted utility-scale projects in the land adjacent to Fairfield. It’s city land, state land, county land, etc.


Upon further investigation, these supposed “unaffiliated” solar groups are part of Next Era’s 1600+ subsidiaries and DBA’s, or part of previous solar/wind Partnerships. Next Era energy is targeting small towns and uncommunicating cities and counties to create a MASS (over 13,000 acres) scale solar project, which according to my research would place it as potentially the largest or one of the largest utility scale solar projects GLOBALLY second only to perhaps China and India. Our tiny group of citizens cannot possibly fight this, as we have very few resources and very little political know-how to even know how to start opposing.


I’m desperate for your help and direction. Research on the deleterious effects of such large scale projects is beginning to emerge in world-wide scholarly journals, but none of the research has been conducted on a project of this size. I can’t even fathom the exponential effects of such a project. I don’t believe, when there is an absolute absence of longitudinal data, that United States citizens should be the guinea pigs for such global projects. I believe in responsible solar energy, located in pre-existing industrial parks, parking lots, commercial areas, etc. I do not believe in “green energy” at the utter destruction of green space.


We are a historical town (Camp Floyd) abutting a recreational area. Our mayor literally shushed the State Biologist and local environmental groups when they tried to communicate their grave concerns. We have some of the very little open land near Utah’s largest population centers.


Our local government is unfortunately uneducated and immature. When they met with Next Era Energy, we told them we don’t need their darn money. We want walking trails and a fishing pond. A fishing pond! I could see the laughter in Next Era’s eyes behind their pandemic face masks.


Planning and Zoning Commission is having a Public Hearing on Wednesday (14th) with incredibly misleading agenda items so as not to draw any public attention. Example: Discuss General Plan Example: Discuss re-zoning I’m desperate for help.


Please contact me at your earliest convenience, I’ll be happy to talk to someone regardless of the day or time. Thank you for your consideration. Concerned Citizen

Lynchburg, Ohio


A solar company in energy is trying to get permits from state to put a solar farm in on zoned agriculture and residential property in Lynchburg Ohio .We are a mall farming community and are in need of help.

They are looking to destroy more than 2800 acres of farm land and completely surround several houses. Concerned Citizen



We live in Virginia and our county has allowed two solar panel farms and I use the word farm lightly because it’s not a farm but anyway without a solar panel policy they are asking for a special exception to turn agricultural land 1100 acres into a solar power plant which wraps around all of our homes literally I have flooded my property my road they’ve killed my trees it’s a big mess and we are looking for civil lawyers and lawyers to file a suit either against our Board of Supervisors our local government the solar panel facility itself we don’t know what to do we just need help. Concerned Citizen


Any advice welcomed. Our rural neighborhood was just notified that a 1200 acre solar farm is moving in...200 feet from my home foundation, 100 ft from property. Fears: altering soil, water (lg flowing creek), wildlife, health, property value. Please, any advice, documentation, or moral support on solar population. County mtg Jan 5. (Note: I recycle, grow organic, not against solar, but fear the mega volume so close too families, farm soil, & creek) God Bless your efforts. Citizen

King and Queen County, Virginia


I am a fifth generation farmer in King and Queen Co, Va. We have recently been the target for a massive 1,400 acre solar project on a combination of wooded, field, and low lying wetlands full of many types of wildlife, streams, swamps, and multiple homes that will be unfairly devalued by their proximity to the project, in our low population rural and beautiful county. My family turned down offers of outrageous promises of lease rates and purchase offers on our family land, but unfortunately others did not. It seems that high lease/purchase prices, monetary pledges to the county by the solar company(bribes in my opinion), meetings held Irresponsibility/unfairly during a pandemic, and some possible under table politics have succeeded in project approval by the county. Is there any hope of preventing this? Thanks, Concerned Citizen

South Ripley, New York


Our small rural agricultural town of South Ripley, NY is being proposed for a 270 megawatt solar farm along with a 20 megawatt lithium ion battery storage system. This is going to forever change our beautiful, wooded and pastoral area forever if this goes through. Governor Cuomo is aggressively pursuing green energy projects across the state in order to meet an unrealistic goal of NY State being 70% renewable energy by 2030. Lost in the green energy fervor is the fact that our area is one of the worst areas in the country for solar radiance. We have a determined small group of landowners, citizens and other interested parties that are opposed to this and are currently getting organized. You have a very professional, objective, fact based website, which we hope to use as a model for us going forward. If there is someone that we could contact from time to time for advice it would be greatly appreciated. Best wishes, Concerned Citizen

Rockingham County


On behalf of a citizens group in Rockingham County, I am writing an in-depth policy analysis for submission to the Board of Supervisors in opposition to a proposed industrial scale solar facility. This would be the first industrial scale solar facility in the County, and the board's decision will set the trajectory for future rulings. The board has already held its public hearing and may make a decision as early as next Wednesday. I would appreciate the chance to talk with you as soon as possible. Many thanks! Concerned Citizen

Shelby County, Indiana.


Please help us in Shelby county, Indiana. The Ranger Solar Speedway Solar Project has already been approved here- a 2000 acre project. There is over 10,000 acres currently being scouted by other industrial solar companies throughout the county. The county has rejected our pleas for a better solar ordinance. Some elected officials go to lunch with commercial solar reps when they come to town. They are gobsmacked by the amount of tax income promised. Is there anything you can do to help us? Concerned Citizen

Dinwiddie, Virginia USA

Looking for any info. To help me push back against large solar farms.We have a company proposing a 2000 acre in Dinwiddie. Concerned Citizen

Harmony Township, New Jersey USA

Our town, Harmony Township, NJ, has just got application to entertain a massive solar industrial farm on land the township preserved buying out the developmental rights to keep that land which is highly valuable best soil and is close to the Delaware River. We get migratory birds covering these fields every year. Deer and bear depend on these fields as well as all our hawks and owls for food, not just to feed humans. We get River fog almost daily and the fields will be fogged in for hours before the fog burns off. Putting these solar panels on this farmland is horrendous. We just lost fields and fields of precious farmland to monstrous warehouses which are not that far away. Now more precious farmland will be wasted. Can you help us? Is there any attorneys we could hire? Also one of our farmers close by rents this land. He depends on these hundreds of acres for his crop yield. We just got word our town is pushing this. They get revenue from this, but our township has low taxes and does not need the money. I am so sad to see these fields get swallowed up with brown when they provide such life to everything around here no one sees. Nature needs us yo save this land! Concerned Citizen

Klickitat County, Washington State


hi, i live in klickitat county washington the 5th largest county in usa for renewable energy. hydro power from dams on the columbia river thousands of wind turbines line the surrounding hilltops, a planned pumped storage and in 2019 the county approve a 6300 acres lund hill solar farm. now they are planning 2000 + acres solar farm 50 feet from our will be on agricultural land. the invenergy corporation has quietly leased this farmland. when asked the county claims to know nothing about this plan. if i know how is it that they do not know ?? making behind closed door deals is just a way to avoid opposition and get the the solar farm approved. the invenergy project manager told me their plan will be approved 12/2021 and start 01/2022. how do they know this ? there are some ordinances setback/screening but not many governing solar farms and the invenergy can get variances. the county does not have the impacted homeowners best interest at heart, they will put the solar farm first and let a few landowners leasing their land get rich and the county will get a little tax revenue. how can we fight/stop/control this ? can you give us any help ? Concerned Citizen

Gloucester, Virginia


We would like to link up with you and get your ideas since there is a proposal by Tri Global Energy, a large company out of Texas, to install a 1,000 acre solar farm adjacent to our properties. My address is in Gloucester,VA which you may use as a reference on Google Earth to view the farm in question. We are basically surrounded by wetlands and have a delicate ecosystem including Bald Eagles, Egrets, Redtailed Hawks,etc. as well as a host of migratory birds. We are on the Northwest branch of the Severn River and a portion of the farm is directly bordering the river. We would very much appreciate any guidance you may give us regarding this situation and applaud your efforts in defeating the solar farm proposal in Culpepper. Thank you and all the best. Concerned Citizen

Yellowwood, Ohio


Project yellowwood in ohio taking 2700 acres would like for this not to happen I also have well water worried about contamination and property values. Concerned Citizen

Augusta County, Virginia


I live in Augusta County and we are fighting a large Strata Solar project here that will cover productive farmland and fundamentally change the rural character and natural beauty of our part of the county. Any resources, advice or other assistance you can provide would be much appreciated. We have a Planning Commission public hearing now scheduled for January 12. Thanks! Concerned Citizen

Stuarts Draft, Virginia


Hello there, I recently heard that there will be an installation of a solar field in my town of Stuarts Draft, VA . It will occupy 880 acres of farmland. The meeting for it will w held tomorrow night. Is there any chance someone from your organization could speak out against this . I want to have educated voices there not just people who don’t want their view to be ruined. Let me know if there is a possibility. Thank you so much for your mission. Concerned Citizen

Pulaski County Virginia


We're fighting the same thing. Hecate Solar is trying to dump a 2700 acre solar farm right in my backyard in Pulaski County VA. To make things worse the chair of the board of supervisors spearheaded getting them in and he is going to make hundreds of thousands a year slopping this all over his mother's property. Concerned Citizen

Goldendale, Washington State


My husband and I live in Goldendale WA and have just recently had it confirmed that there is going to be a large scale solar farm next to our retirement property. We are surrounded by beautiful farmland and our neighbors and us are just devastated by this proposed site that could cover hundreds if not thousands of acres. How do we fight it if it is even possible? Thank you. Concerned Citizen

Suffolk Virginia


A number of Solar companies have applied for solar projects in Suffolk, VA. I am a Healthcare Provider and Community Advocate in my rural community. I am most intetested in being in contact with your organization. We are surrounded on two sides by impaired waterways and I am a very vocal resident, veteran, and conservative. I look forward to connecting.Concerned Citizen

Edgefield County, South Carolina


We are fighting a proposed 1200 acre solar project here in rural Edgefield County, SC. It is the Caddis project. Cypress Creek from California is the company. There is an federally protected, critically endangered species of freshwater mussel named the Carolina Heelsplitter located near the property. I have had some help from Fish and Wildlife in this regard. The property is heavily wooded with creeks and streams. This project will impact people’s homes. One family will have panels on three sides of their home. Everyone is also on well water. Any advice or help that you can give would be greatly appreciated. Concerned Citizen

Albemarle County, Virginia.


We live in Albemarle County, VA. Central Virginia Electric Cooperative (CVEC) has just purchased the 168-acre parcel behind our small family farm. They will be seeking a special use permit to develop a solar farm there. This is a rural, forested area. It is not an appropriate fit for this project. My neighbors and I don’t know how to fight this project. We need help. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Concerned Citizen


I will be having my well tested before the panels come to my area and many times over the course of the panels being near my well. If it changes because of the chemicals that are from the panels or from the acid wash, you rest assured that I will ne seuing the company that owns them, the company that will be taking care of the panels and the farmers too . And who ever has any thing to do with those environment that will be destroyed our wells, and contaminated our lands. Concerned Citizen

Edgefield South Carolina


Edgefield SC- A group of citizens are arguing against a 1200+ Acre solar farm in a rural/agricultural area. Caddis Solar has leased land from a private landowner and wishes to cut and mass grade forested and timbered land-1200+ acres of it. We appeared in front of our planning commission 11/12. Our sewgment starts at roughly 1:30 into attached video. We would appreciate any insight you could offer as to stopping this. The county appears to want this to happen. We feel we are fighting a losing battle. Concerned Citizen



My limited experiences in California combatting out-of-control bureaucrats intent on building large-scale solar power projects has led me to believe the only language these individuals understand/the only persuasive dialogue these otherwise charming technocrats respond to is counterforce in the form of lawsuits. Consequently, my private view is that one needs to amass a "war chest" to attack these proposed projects early on through legal means, spearheading additional counterforces in the form of political pressure, lobbying, widespread communication its opposition. Any insights and/or recommendations as to environmental lawyers who have demonstrated skill at heading such arrogance/ignorance off at the pass would be much appreciated.Concerned Citizen



They are proposing over 30 new projects in Ohio and the one beside me is 5100 acres. It will have a 3000 acre site one mile north of it in the same county. Can I get some more information about the toxic waste that can come off the panels. Do you have any other advice for us. On the 5000 acre project there are 135 homes adjacent to the site. We need environmental facts to relay to the power siting board which has approved every application so far. Ohio has basically zero laws in place and has made a law that local government has no jurisdiction. Now the state is under siege of these huge solar operations and they are approving all of them.. Any help would be appreciated. Concerned Citizen

Mt.Vernon, Indiana


I live in rual Mt.Vernon Indiana, and there is a 2,000 acre solar panel farm project in the works.(Tenaska is the company) My home and many others will be surrounded. My community wants to come together to oppose this. We have no idea how to start. We would love any help or advice on the process. Thank you! Citizen

Pulaski County, Indiana


I own farm ground in Pulaski County, Indiana. We have solar companies that are ambushing productive farm ground for solar energy. We have created a website: to educate residents the harm of mega solar plants especially on productive farmland being lost. Concerned Citizen

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