Help us protect agricultural-forestry zoned land from large, industrial-scale solar developments

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threatened, and residents are standing up to protect it.

Situated in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, Page County is a small, rural county with beautiful landscapes and entry corridors to popular tourist attractions such as Shenandoah National Park and Luray Caverns. Farming and tourism are its main economic drivers. These assets are threatened by the large expanses of proposed industrial solar projects.

The Shenandoah Valley is, of course, no place for industrial-scale solar.

Page County is

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The people of Page County will not stop until their county is protected.

A group of Page County citizens has been closely following the solar projects Special Use Permits (SUPs) and solar ordinance processes. The public has clearly and loudly protested these projects. 


Overhead View from Northwest of Luray - Cape Solar Project

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Page County  joined forces with Citizens For Responsible Solar.

After almost three years of pushback against industrial-scale solar projects, Page County citizens have joined forces with Citizens For Responsible Solar, who has been leading the effort for responsible solar policies, and is uniting citizens across the USA.  Citizens For Responsible Solar is working with Page County citizens to ensure transparency and integrity in the process and secure approval of the strong solar ordinance by the Board of Supervisors. 


70% said NO to industrial solar in Page County!

Enormous industrial solar facilities don’t fit Page County. They offer nothing in return for the sacrifice of our valuable farmland and the beautiful landscapes that support our agriculture and tourism economy. They offer no permanent jobs, minimal tax revenue, and no electricity for local use. Unlike rooftop solar supported by many, these massive industrial eyesores will have an adverse effect on neighbors, wildlife, and productive farm soils.

We expect the Page County Board of Supervisors to represent the will of the community and put aside special interests and personal agendas by adopting a protective ordinance that will keep out ALL Utility-Scale solar facilities on farmland.

For 3+ years Page County has been working hard to protect their county, environment and community.

Cape Solar - (559 acres) was denied by the Planning Commission in Sept 2018, and the Board of Supervisors denied the project in a tie vote in Sept 2019.


Dogwood Solar (340 acres) denied by the Planning Commission in Sept 2018, but approved by the Board of Supervisors in April 2019. No development to-date.

In Oct 2019, Page County issued “a moratorium on all commercial/industrial renewable energy applications until an ordinance is adopted.”

In Dec 2020, the previously denied Cape Solar project was resubmitted despite the moratorium, but the application was not made public until a month later.

In Oct 2020, a solar ordinance was finally approved in a 9-to-1 vote by the Planning Commission after a year-long collaboration with a professional planning consultant and public input. 

At the Dec 15 2020 public hearing and the Jan 2021 BOS meeting, over 50 citizen comments expressed support for the protective solar ordinance draft as presented by the Planning Commission.

Jan 19 2021 CFRS retains prestigious law firm to look into reports of violations in administrative and legislative processes regarding industrial solar projects in Page County.

Current Status - Jan19 BOS rejects protective Solar Ordinance by a vote of 4-2 amid chaos, accusations and incompetence. Read Page Valley News Article for more details.

Page County's draft ordinance is overwhelmingly supported by the public and was approved by a 9-1 vote by the Planning Commission.


Help us protect agricultural-forestry zoned land