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5.Decommission Provisions to Protect the County and Taxpayers

Help us protect agricultural-forestry zoned land from large, industrial-scale solar developments

Property Values

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Industrial-scale solar plants negatively impact property values

Will common sense prevail? Would you buy land in a county that allows industrial-scale solar plants despite resident opposition? The answer is "No." Solar power plants decrease property values. Over time, industrial-scale solar counties' property values will decline and the county become less desirable, while other location's values will increase.

An unbiased and credible research paper is necessary


Citizens for Responsible Solar has engaged a Certified General Appraiser whose findings raise the question of: why do independent research papers, published by respected universities, indicate that parcels adjacent to or near utility-scale solar facilities are negatively impacted, but research funded by the solar developers concluded there is no impact on properties located near utility-scale solar? View here.

3 things of note:

1. Why do solar developers always conclude there are no negative impacts to properties?


Specific experts are paid to reach the conclusions of their funders. These paid-for conclusions should not be viewed as objective, independent opinions. If these studies concluded utility-scale solar installations impacted property values negatively, they would not publish them or the studies would be halted.


2. Why aren't there any impact analyses published by certified real estate appraisers other than those funded by solar developers?


Unfortunately, adjacent property owners and other impacted parties usually don’t have the financial resources or the time before public hearing comments are due to conduct a property-value impact study.  Municipalities should fund proper independent impact studies to corroborate information from solar developers. View a proposal to the county here.

3. A strong solar ordinance is needed to protect citizens' properties.


In order to protect impacted landowners and protect the rural character of the community, an ordinance is needed. View Madison County’s here and Page County’s draft solar ordinance here

The impact on current residents


Landowners are trying to protect the rural character of their community, their home investment, and the wildlife habitat. Developers claim that solar power plants do not negatively impact property values (and don't even address the issue of wildlife habitat destruction).  If these no "impact assertions" were true, most impacted landowners would not oppose these projects.



Citizens for Responsible Solar is underway building more property values resources. Please contact us here if you have any related information of use.

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Help us protect agricultural-forestry zoned land

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