Help us protect agricultural-forestry zoned land from large, industrial-scale solar developments

Solar Toolkit to Help Fellow Citizens for Responsible Solar

Dear Fellow Citizens for Responsible Solar

Have you recently received a letter in your mailbox letting you know of a developer's intention to cover your county's rural-agricultural land with an industrial-scale solar power plant? Or, have you just become aware there is an upcoming vote? We know this can be overwhelming, so we have gathered the below materials to help you.

  • It is key to raise awareness and educate people in your community about the long-term consequences of industrial solar power plants on your farmland, agricultural land, and forestry land. 

  • By uniting people in your community to express themselves at your local planning board meetings you will be heard, and can impact local decisions to reject these projects.

  • Don’t give up (you may be lucky and your local community reject the proposals in the first meeting, or you may need to keep momentum going). With time, more people will become aware of issues with industrial solar in rural communities (destroying wildlife habitat, farmlands, forests, families, and homes, simply doesn't make sense) and there are negative impacts of industrial solar from an environmental and climate change perspective.

We Believe 3 Things are Important

Possible Steps and Tactics You Can Take

1. Share the Citizens for Responsible Solar Website

We hope the website contains valuable information to help you and your community.

2. View our Video Hub

Use our Video Hub here to assist with education, and view the videos of the people of Culpeper, to rally people in your community to go to local planning meetings to express their concerns.

3. Start a Local Petition

You can start a free petition using Change Org 

View the Culpeper Petition Change.Org Page as an example  

4. Gather Letters for Official Submission

Engage with your local environmental organizations-groups, to submit opposing letters (view examples here).

5.  List of Articles 

We have collated all the articles featured on the Citizens for responsible Solar website and more related articles. You can download the Article Document here and circulate it to people in your community

6. Local Media (Paper-Publications)

Contact media outlets to share with them your local petition, or reasons/concerns about why industrial-scale solar power plants aren't right for your community. We recommend identifying 1-3 people in your local community to engage with core media publications.

Unlock Further Information

For additional research and proprietary information, please contact us here.

Help us protect agricultural-forestry zoned land from large, industrial-scale solar developments

 Please help us by signing our petition here.

 PLEASE CONTACT US HERE TO JOIN OUR EFFORT to protect agricultural-rural land from industrial-scale solar development.  

We are a grassroots group of concerned citizens organized to promote responsible solar and other forms of renewable energy. Destruction of habitat on an industrial scale is not green.

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