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Madison County, VA

Solar Ordinance Key Provisions:

  • “Commercial solar energy facilities, as described in this ordinance, are permitted exclusively in zoning district M-1 only by special use permit.”  Page 2, Section A-1.  

  • “The Applicant shall bear all costs to the County for increased staff time and attention to matters related to construction, maintenance, administrative costs, and enforcement of the requirements of this section and the Special Use Permit.”  Page 2, Section A-6. 

  • “All aspects and components of the facility shall meet the minimum setback requirement of 300 feet.”  Page 2, Section B-2. 

  • “No facility shall be allowed on a property designated by the Virginia Department of Historic Resources as a battlefield area or other historic resource, or other sensitive area.”  Page 3, Section B-5.

Page County, VA

Solar Ordinance Key Provisions:

  • ​The ordinance includes provisions to govern small, medium, commercial and industrial rooftop, as well as utility-scale solar operations.  Pages 3-4, Section 125-72 and 125-73.

  • Decommissioning costs must be estimated by a licensed professional engineer with experience in the removal of solar facilities. The decommissioning cost must not include any reduction for salvage value. Page 6, Section 125-74, Para 6.


  • “The acreage coverage of a utility-scale solar facility shall be a maximum of 200 acres.” Page 8, Section 125-76, Para B-1.

  • “The percent of acreage coverage for a facility shall not exceed 65% of the total solar facility site (i.e. a site with 200 acres of coverage area must include a minimum of 308 acres of total solar facility site area and a project that total 250 acres would be allowed 162.5 acres or less of coverage.” Page 8, Section 126-76, Para B-2.

  • “No utility-scale solar facility shall be located within two (2) miles of another existing or permitted utility-scale solar facility unless the combined acreage coverage is 200 acres or less.” Page 8, Section 126-76, Para B-4.

  • “Utility-scale solar facilities shall minimize and avoid locating on farmland with soils categorized as Prime Farmland and Farmland of Statewide Importance.  No site shall have more than 50% of soils identified as Prime Farmland and Farmland of Statewide Importance.” Page 8, Section 126-76, Para B-7.

  • “To preserve forest resources, Utility-scale solar facilities shall be located outside forested areas as identified and defined in the Comprehensive Plan and by a Virginia State certified forester.”  Page 8, Section 126-76, Para B-8.

  • “Utility-scale solar facilities shall not be located within 200 feet of historic and cultural resources as defined and listed in the Comprehensive Plan.”  Page 8, Section 126-76, Para B-9.

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