Help us protect agricultural-forestal zoned land from large, industrial-scale solar developments

What is really driving industrial scale solar? Tax XXX and Green Credits from "Big Tech".

Big Tech companies buy RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates) and claim their companies are powered 100% by renewables, while still being connected to electric grids that use fossil fuels. In reality, only a fraction of each company’s energy comes directly from solar or wind installations. 

In the United States, a plant that sells renewable energy to the grid is also awarded a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC). Read full article.

Some of the world’s biggest tech companies want you to know they take climate change seriously. Really? Amazon claims...

“DATA IS THE new oil” may have outlasted its usefulness as a metaphor, but one aspect still rings true: Both industries have a serious environmental footprint. Read full article.

Solar Demand

Lucrative federal tax credits and subsidies, paid by US taxpayers, incentive the solar industry to build solar power plants. 

The U.S. Treasury estimates that the Production Tax Credit will cost taxpayers $40.12 billion from 2018 to 2027, making it the most expensive energy subsidy under current tax law. These tax credits fundamentally distort markets and strain the grid in ways that are economically unsustainable. Read full article.

Renewable energy resources—primarily wind and solar—have received subsidies through the tax code since 1979, most of which have occurred in the last decade.  Through 2018, these subsidies amounted to more than $100 billion. Read full article.

On a total dollar basis, wind has received the greatest amount of federal subsidies. Solar is second. Wind and solar together get more than all other energy sources combined. Read full article.

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Help us protect agricultural-forestry zoned land from large, industrial-scale solar developments

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We are a grassroots group of concerned citizens organized to promote responsible solar and other forms of renewable energy. Destruction of habitat on an industrial scale is not green.

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