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Edgefield County, South Carolina

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I am pleased that in Edgefield County, we appear to be on the verge of enacting a comprehensive solar ordinance based thanks to your resources and in reviewing the work done in Madison and Page County.

In SC we appear to be, generally speaking, a vast wasteland of solar development interests and little to no solar regulations to control the industry.

Of late, the solar applicant attempting to install a 1,227 acre facility is now trying to inject itself into the deliberation process as the Planning Commission and citizens work to finalize the ordinance.  The applicant, Cypress Creek Renewables, has gone so far as to offer their expertise and willingness to work with the PC to bring about widespread changes to the ordinance.  Their recommendations have made their way to the members of the PC.  In reading their recommendations, it is not difficult to determine their motives.  Vocal opponents of their inserting themselves into the process liken it to the "Fox guarding the henhouse" or "The tail wagging the dog".

All the best,

Ed Posey

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