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Gloucester, Virginia

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Through your kind encouragement and resource materials, I am pleased to report that we are having the current Zoning Ordinance modified to prevent Utility-Scale Plants from being placed on any Conservation Zoned sites which includes most of our farmlands, Historic Properties, and Coastal regions (“Responsible Solar” !). We so much appreciate your support and emailed articles and we owe you our sincere thanks for all that you have done for us.

It’s been a year long battle with Tri-Global Electric out of Texas to stop their initiative to place a 1,000 acre Utility-Scale Power Plant on the historic Thompson Farm and behind the Abingdon Episcopal Church c.1652.

The farm is adjacent to our property and my neighbors' as well.  As you may know, we all live on the Severn River in an eco-sensitive area with a plethora of wetlands surrounding both the farm and all of our properties.

We also have a 2% land area cap for a couple of  Zoning areas that are remote and more appropriate for Solar locations, most of which have already reached the 2% cap from previously approved projects. Roof-top solar panels may be placed on some businesses and residential properties under Conditional Use Permits (CUPs).


The Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission joined forces with us to draft an ordinance amendment that will protect our valuable and productive land from the inundation of money-driven Solar Corporations in our County and the Planning Commission unanimously voted, just recently, for the amendment and it has gone on to the Board of Supervisors for final vote and adoption on Sept. 7th at the “Old Courthouse”. 


If you asked me what our approach was, I would tell you simply that we established a close working relationship with our local BOS and Planning Members and continually attended all Hearings and meetings to keep our message out there.  


Another very important approach was “packing” the Courthouse with local, like-minded citizens to show support for our Officials in their attempt to deal with a growing problem. 


And finally, educating ourselves as to the science and downsides of Solar Energy which you and your organization were so helpful with.  


The Board of Supervisors worked hard to establish this amendment and assured us that we will see a positive outcome.


Dr. Lawrence A. Hollingsworth

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Help us protect agricultural-forestry zoned land

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