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Granville, Massachusetts

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Thank you for compiling all the information on the website! It’s valuable and extremely helpful for those that don’t have the time to research, especially when there is little notice on projects. I have been taking in as much as I can from the website. There is some great information there! Just finished reading the study done by URI on home value decline due to solar.


What was presented at my town meeting was three large arrays within one mile of each other and one is a direct abutter of my house! And I know there is another one in the works right next to me. I composed a letter to the solar company and am working on getting a mass mailing out to residents. We are a small, rural town of approximately 1500. I’m not on social media. I’ve spoken to my local state representative and he advised me to petition the planning board to change bylaws regarding solar arrays. 



Gina Placek

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Help us protect agricultural-forestry zoned land

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