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Harmony, New York

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Your information you have sent us has helped us in our fight.  Thank you for what you do. 

We are fighting a 600 massive solar utility facility.  This Dakota Solar Company, a company who is privately owned my members.  Other farmers around these 600 acres continue to be approached, so I foresee hundreds more acres being lost to solar.  Especially since this is all being pushed by our township committee and land use board, and government in the name of GREEN.


Our problem fight in Harmony is that decades ago one parcel of this land was purchased by our former committee members to save it from development.  That farmland has been rented out to a local farmer who has depended on it for crop yield for decades as well.  Our Township also got tax revenue from renting it to this farmer.  This farmland is deemed as the best in New Jersey as this land is called the Harmony Plains which sits between Merrill Creek Reservoir and the Delaware River.  The birds and animals migrate back and forth from the reservoir on top our Scott’s Mountain back and forth to the Delaware River.  The fog covers these fields even in drought times.  Now in the name of GREEN we are destroying GREEN to go GREEN, just does not make sense.

Our local government is very corrupt and the more residents get involved, the more horrors of this committee’s actions come to light. 

Oh, this Dakota Solar is writing their OWN legislation so they do not have to go through LAND USE BOARDS, just a slide through.  Just so unfair to the residents in the town.

Lois Markle

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Help us protect agricultural-forestry zoned land

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