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Louisa County, Virginia

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Many thanks for your appearance and advice on Friday. Citizens for Responsible Solar are lucky to have you. Truly! The documents you offered to send would be welcome:  letter from lawyer and the rest.


We are stymied in Louisa County with a 6-2 vote to approve the Energix Aditya solar project by the Planning Commissioners. I will send you a link to listen to the public comments section, which begins at the 1:40 mark.  You will hear heartbreaking testimony from low-income African American residents many of whom are speaking out for the first time.  Even more heartbreaking is the cavalier attitude on the part of the Commissioners—with the exception of two.  They were very much pro forma in their attitude and focused ONLY on conditions of the permitting rather than whether or not it should be permitted.


I will try to work with them before the Board of Supervisor meeting in June.  I will try to get them to cover the four legal points that your group did so well.  AND, I am feeling that this is environmental racism.  These people will be hemmed in by two solar plants, one airport and one airpark.


Does your organization have a speakers’ bureau to send someone to speak in-person or virtually at a meeting in a county other than Culpeper?  We need expertise in agriculture degradation and in traffic congestion.


Please advise, and thanks!


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